So, you’re interviewing at Literati?

👋 Hello, welcome, and thank you for entering the interview process with us!

We put together this guidebook to set you up for success, by providing a detailed resource on what you can expect from the Product Design interview process at Literati, and how to best prepare. We’ve aimed to cover everything that might be on your mind here, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.

Your portfolio

Our Product Design Interview process is focused on your work samples. We don’t think arbitrary tests or exercises are the best reflection of who you are, and what you’ll bring to the job. We’re more interested in how you think, and what you come up with when encountering real-world challenges.

We believe your portfolio is the best opportunity to display your complete, authentic self as a designer. Not only your examples, but also how you choose present and examine them. Your portfolio is a work of design in itself- so take care in putting it together, and the story it tells.

The best portfolios tell a comprehensive story that showcases:

Process overview

Our process is designed to be fair and meaningful for all candidates. By focusing on your portfolio, we ensure every designer- whether you’re in product design, brand design, or another area- has the same opportunity as everyone else.

We should add that we believe interviewing is a two-way street, and encourage curiosity not only in our daily work at Literati, but also in our interview process. We want you to have the opportunity to evaluate us as well, and we’ve built-in steps to ensure you have that opportunity.

The full process is covered in these 4 steps:

☕️ Introductory chat

👀 Hiring Manager Screen

🎯 Virtual Onsite